Cyber Security Health Checks

The complete cyber security assessment for your business.

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Strategic Cyber Security Health Check

Identify and protect against hidden cyber threats

When threats can come from anywhere, you need to be prepared for everything. However, without proper visibility, it can be challenging for businesses to identify and prioritise flaws in their infrastructure. 

With decades of experience on the frontlines of high-risk cyber security, our team of consultants know the tools and tactics hackers use to exploit your business. Complete with clear reports to communicate risks to senior management and actionable recommendations, our cyber health checks are your first check to fortifying your cyber defences.

  • Cost-effective with minimal disruption
  • Identify hidden cyber threats
  • Easy-to-understand reports for management and board
  • Actionable, no-obligation advice

Identify risks and act with confidence

Our cyber security health checks are built with a clear goal - to identify the hidden vulnerabilities that make your business an attractive and profitable target for hackers.

Powered by an expert team confident working in high-risk industries, your health check will provide you with the exact information you need to understand and improve the cyber resilience of your business.

Complete with cost vs risk guidance, your health check will help you prioritise which issues to tackle first, and will ensure you are investing in the right people and technologies to keep future risks under control. 

With this information in hand, you can engage our team to help or handle upgrades internally - whatever suits your business best. 

Get visibility over risks

Reveal holes in your infrastructure and get a detailed breakdown of your strengths and weaknesses.

Build a clear security roadmap

Get an actionable list of cyber security priorities to work towards at your own pace and budget.

Set strong cyber foundations

Take the first steps towards an effective cyber security strategy that protects your brand and reputation.

Support your financial planning

Accurately assess cost vs risk to help budget for cyber security investment more closely.

Our process

We follow a clear 4-step process that maximises results whilst minimising impact to your day-to-day operations.

01. Business-first engagement

Our goal is to protect your business - and that starts with understanding it. 

Our health check begins by interviewing your CEO and other senior management to uncover the biggest cyber threats to your business, and the impact they could have. 

We use this information to identify your key risks, which will form the foundations of our review. 

02. Control selection

Next, we identify the controls that need to be in place to manage your cyber risks. 

These are based on a hybrid of the CIS Critical Security Controls and ISO 27001 Annex A, but if your business uses different controls, we will tailor our health check to those. 

If your business handles extremely sensitive data, we may introduce special controls such as air-gapping networks to step up your level of protection.

03. Control & risk assessment

Our assessments encompass people, processes and technology. This means checking that you have the right talent in place, the processes are robust and repeatable, and that the technology is functioning as required. 

We will rigorously analyse your controls, determining how they could fail and pursuing a line of questioning until we are certain of its impossibility. If this cannot be proven, we mark it as a fail and risk assess accordingly. 

04. Presentation of findings

As the final step in your health check, we deliver a detailed report containing cyber business risks, scored against potential impact, complete with quick wins to rapidly improve security.

You will also receive prioritised recommendations containing detailed descriptions and risk levels, alongside an in-depth analysis of controls to help your technical team understand security issues.

Why Choose Us?

By providing clarity over your risks, guidance through key challenges and partnership in protecting your business, we deliver a cyber security service that makes the invisible visible and keeps you secure.

  1. A dedicated team with decades of experience

    Tap into a team of world-class consultants with decades of experience in identifying, remediating and protecting against cyber security threats. 

    With hands-on knowledge of the latest technology tools and tactics, we deliver quick and effective solutions that help your business to thrive. 

  2. Protect your business and your budget

    Integrity is our core value. With no commercial commitment to vendors or partners, our implementations are always pragmatic, resilient and built around you. 

    We manage and maintain a network of expert associates with extensive expertise, allowing us to deliver solutions independent of specific tools, technologies or providers.

  3. A bespoke service as unique as your business

    Cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all cyber security does not work. To get the peace of mind that comes from sure protection, you need a strategy as unique as your business. 

    As a boutique consultancy powered by a close network of industry experts, we take the time to get to know your business, identify your individual risks, stress-test your existing infrastructure, and deliver a strategy to keep you safe. 

Tailored to your industry, built for your business

From supplier and procurement department policies to legal and legislative requirements, get a cyber security health check that’s tailored to your industry and built for your business.


Demonstrate your commitment to patient data security and reassure NHS Trust procurement departments of your commitment to maintaining tight cyber security. 


Avoid costly GDPR penalties by plugging gaps in your information security and ensuring robust protection measures are in place to keep the data of vulnerable individuals safe.  


Gain a competitive advantage over rival firms, comply with legal requirements and build trust with the FCA and PRA by demonstrating that your cyber security risk is properly managed.


Assure board members and senior management that your cyber security risk is properly managed, and that your organisation is protected against the reputational impact of a breach.