Nicolson Bray - About Us

We specialise in Cyber Security Strategy, Risk Management and Technical Delivery.

Bob Nicolson

Our Founder Bob Nicolson

As founder of Nicolson Bray, I champion a business-centred approach to problem solving. After providing leading-edge cyber security to FTSE 100 companies, I established Nicolson Bray with the goal of providing high-level advisory services to companies with developing cyber security needs in a cost-effective, pragmatic and personal manner.

During the inception of Nicolson Bray, larger cyber security consultancies were attempting to dominate the market with generalised and expensive solutions that didn’t serve the needs of their clients. We are different.


My vision for Nicolson Bray is to give businesses a competitive advantage through the strength, depth and agility of their cyber defences.

We do this through bringing clarity of your cyber risks, guiding you through fixing them, and partnering you in safeguarding your business. 


Cyber security exists almost purely in the digital world. You can neither touch, feel or see it. Cybercriminals thrive in the shadows, and businesses may be completely unaware of their weaknesses.

My goal at Nicolson Bray is to make the invisible visible, and bring clarity to this world. We achieve this by revealing your unknown cyber risks, explaining potential impacts in simple terms and demystifying cyber risk for your management team and Board.


I firmly believe cyber security is first and foremost a business problem, not a technology one. I also believe that businesses thrive when they build strong long-lasting partnerships. This is why our consultants focus first on understanding your business and goals, and as your business evolves will be there to advise you along the way.

We succeed through our clients' successes, and will work with you to protect and safeguard your business every step of the way.


I have worked in cyber security for over twenty years, and all our consultants at Nicolson Bray are from similar backgrounds. Our advice is shaped by lessons learned over decades of working in high-risk industries such as financial services and aerospace.

Our goal is to share this experience with you and guide your business through the security challenges the changing world presents.

Year after year we build lasting relationships with the businesses we support, making us the natural choice for cyber security.