UK Data Breaches & Cyber Attacks November 2023 – The Definitive List

UK Data Breaches & Cyber Attacks

November 2023

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The definitive UK cyber attacks and data breaches list

Busy, busy month last month!  In total 10 UK cyber attacks and data breaches were reported in the press. 

Amongst the usual attacks on hospitals and schools, who are sadly often the weakest animals in the pack, what looks like could be a mega ransom / mega breach at CTS, a managed service provider for law firms.  This seems to have impacted conveyancing activities and well as some legal aid cases.  My thoughts go out to those impacted during what is already no doubt a very stressful time.

One observation on this; CTS appear from their website to be ISO 27001 certified.

As such this should serve as a sober reminder that whilst ISO certification does prove a business has mature cyber risk management processes in place, it is not a gold standard of impenetrability. So when assessing your supply chain, be sure to look past the certification, and of course always have an incident response plan of your own in place.

No doubt more details on the attack will be released on the ICOs website in the not too distant future, as there is bound to be a GDPR impact.

Scroll down to see the list or visit the UK data breaches and cyber attacks homepage for details going back to January 2022.

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Bob Nicolson | Head of Consultancy