UK Data Breaches & Cyber Attacks December 2023 – The Definitive List

UK Data Breaches & Cyber Attacks

December 2023

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The definitive UK cyber attacks and data breaches list

A relatively quiet end to 2023 with only six cyber attacks and data breaches reported. Having said that one was at Sellafield nuclear site, so you could say that 2023 has at least ended with a bang!

According to a long running investigation by the Guardian newspaper, some form of malware breach was first detected in 2015, and there does not appear to be clarity on whether the malware has been fully eradicated. The finger for the breach has been pointed at China and Russia.  So nothing to worry about there then.

As with other public sector cyber gaffs this year – remind me again just how many police forces were hacked into? – some level of incompetence has clearly played a part.  Read the full article if you dare, but for a taster of just what a mess cyber is at the site, in July the popular BBC programme Countryfile inadvertently broadcast usernames and passwords for secure IT systems on national TV.  Fancy Bear must have been jumping with joy!

Whilst we can’t do a lot about this other than hope the mess will be cleared up, it is still clearly quite concerning.

Do say – This is actually quite serious, can we have a public enquiry?

Don’t say – Let’s host the Antiques Roadshow in the HQ of the world’s biggest dirty bomb

Scroll down to see the list or visit the UK data breaches and cyber attacks homepage for details going back to January 2022.

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Bob Nicolson | Head of Consultancy