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Cyber Security Training

Build your best line of defence

Your Weakest Link

Great businesses know that their people are their greatest asset. Sought for their ambition, drive and determination to succeed, collectively your people enable your business to deliver market beating returns and boost its growth. However, if not properly trained they can also be a serious information security weakness - and a weakness that cyber criminals are only to keen to exploit.

For example Verizon, the multinational telecommunications firm, states in their 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report that 43% of reported breaches involved social engineering of some form, most notably in the guise of phishing. For ransomware attacks the figures are even higher, with the vast majority of ransomware attacks originating in an email tricking the recipient into opening an malicious attachment.

Transform your people

At Nicolson Bray we take pride in transforming your people from a cyber security weakness into a cyber security strength. Rather than being exposed as a target of exploitation, your people become the cornerstone of attack detection. Working with our specialists educates and develops your staff to not only be aware of the risks, but to detect them and alert your security team if you are under attack.

Our Cyber Security training services have been designed for everyone in your organisation, from the the Board down, and utilise the latest in micro-training approaches. So say goodbye to boring class sessions (which your most critical people miss anyway) and say hello to short targeted micro sessions, all no more than five minutes long and tailored specifically for your organisation.

In addition, our proven “Phish as you work” service combines training with testing as your people are asked to react to real live Phishing emails. This enables us to review the effectiveness of your training and identify staff who may need an extra hand. The outcome of training and review instils an information protection culture in your business.

To see how Nicolson Bray can transform your people into your best line of defence get in contact today.