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Cyber Security Recruitment

Finding excellent people

The Non Recruiter Recruiters

Let’s start by saying that no-one at Nicolson Bray is a recruitment consultant! Strange yes, but that is how we work. Instead we are a team of Cyber Security consultants, each with 10+ years industry experience across banking and finance, who also happen to recruit.

What this means is that we approach recruitment exactly like you do. Every time we speak to a candidate we carefully assess them for the technical and non-technical skills they need to make a difference to your team. Dependent on their answers we can take the interview in one direction or another, adapting to their knowledge and probing to determine if it is experience or book based.

We can do this because we have worked in most of the roles we recruit for. So we know what it's like explaining to a developer that his website is vulnerable to a CSRF attack. We've experienced the challenges of implementing a risk management framework, and understand why automating DLP processes can be fraught with issues.... This makes our approach truly unique.

A Unique Approach

When we recommend a candidate we do two things other recruiters cannot do. Firstly we leverage our own professional networks, often people we have worked with ourselves, to source the very best talent. And secondly we give each candidate an in depth interview that tests their capabilities and knowledge to the limit, using our own extensive experience to do so. We even do this to people we know - sorry guys - because we need to be absolutely sure we only recommend the best.

This means we recommend very few candidates, saving everybody's time and hopefully making recruitment much more enjoyable all round. Essentially we get a thrill out of introducing good people to good people, and we very much hope they enjoy it too.

At Nicolson Bray we know it takes excellent people to build strong Cyber Security teams. We offer a full Cyber Security recruitment service covering both permanent and interim staff. To begin recruiting some truly excellent people get in touch today.

Recruit some truly excellent people

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