Executive Headhunting


Working in partnership with specialist recruiter Tim Wyatt, we fuse decades of business and technical experience with first rate search and engagement. This unique approach combines traditional headhunting with enhanced interviewing and candidate selection, to significantly reduce the duration and complexity of hiring, and present you with a shortlist of uniquely capable candidates.

Headhunting: Tim Wyatt 

Tim brings a personal, intuitive and insightful approach to Nicolson Bray, with a proven record headhunting and talent sourcing for leading-edge FTSE 250, Private Equity owned and VC funded companies giving him a full market view and a broad access to leadership talent.

Interviewing & Selection: Bob Nicolson 

Bob brings an acutely business-centred approach to interviewing and selecting candidates, with experience building Nicolson Bray and consulting for FTSE100 companies shaping his ability to identify leaders and executives who can shape the future of your business.

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Our Unique Approach

Identification & Longlisting 

We work with you to understand your strategic business goals and determine the leadership characteristics, strengths, and experience required to reach them.

Tim uses his commercial knowledge to map the market based on your specific criteria. Through dialogue, research and leveraging his and Bob's professional networks, he takes the first steps in identifying and assessing potential candidates for their suitability and interest in your role.

Shortlisting & Evaluation 

With your business goals as his lead, Bob builds an interview assessment framework for the selection process. Challenging and critically assessing each candidate based on his own commercial experience, Bob recommends only those who are perfectly suited to your business needs.

Follow Up & Support 

Our service includes interview, offer and negotiation support. Thanks to building strong candidate relationships and proximity, we help clients deliver successful outcomes. 

Give your business the first-class leadership it deserves.

Executive Headhunting

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