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Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Are you prepared for a Cyber Attack?

Cyber security risk assessment

The Growing Cyber Security Threat

Increasingly cyber crime is being identified as a top 5 risk by Boards across FCA regulated firms. This is due to heightened levels of cyber security attack, as well as increased scrutiny by the regulator and the advent of the GDPR. As attacks increase and regulators take closer notice, the pressure to act mounts. And there is immense pressure on the alternative asset management industry as, given the proliferation of cyber security incidents, it is becoming increasingly clear that the likelihood of suffering a breach in at least one portfolio company is now very high - and the cost of a data breach within just one of their portfolio will have huge consequences to their firm as a whole .

Many firms have experienced ransomware attacks, serious malware outbreaks or the loss of confidential information, but now the incident has been dealt with are unsure what to do next. Some firms may suspect they have had a data breach, but cannot be sure. Many want to check the cyber security posture of their portfolio.

For all firms in this position our knowledgeable consultants are on hand to carry out a detailed cyber security review. This goes well beyond a simple penetration test and will determine how ready your firm is to defend against, identify and manage the outcome of future Cyber Security attacks. Most importantly it will be tailored to your needs and will recommend prioritised steps that you can take to improve the Cyber Security readiness of your firm.

Nicolson Bray consultants have built up years of experience helping alternative investment and boutique financial services firms meet the challenge of the ever evolving cyber security threat. Uniquely focused on FCA regulated firms we tailor all our services specifically to meet the particular cyber security risks you face. This is what makes makes our cyber security review service stand out from the pack.

What is a Cyber Security review?

Reviews begin with a high-level analysis of your business and business processes, allowing us to understand the information you hold, where it is stored, and the impact to your business of a data breach. We leverage our experience of working with firms in your sector to ensure this is carried out both effectively and efficiently.

We then drill down to the technical level to ensure that the correct processes are in place, and that they are effective across your network, application, server and Cloud estate. For instance we check that the correct processes are in place to patch your servers against new and emerging security attacks, and back this up with an actual technical test on the server. At this level we are extremely thorough, seeking out weaknesses in your cyber security defence on both your internal and external networks, as well as in the cloud.

Once a cyber security review is complete we use our knowledge of your business to rigorously prioritise remediation activity. This will be based on what is practical and effective and what will reduce your cyber security risk whilst working within your budget and timeframes. Unlike other consultancies we won't leave you with an exhausting list of hundreds of technical issues; instead we present you with a focused set of recommendations based on the specific cyber security risks faced by your firm.

Understand your Cyber Security risk

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