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Private Equity Cyber Security

value protection for your firm

Key Cyber Security Risks

Private equity firms face cyber security risk in three key areas. Firstly they run the risk of an embarrassing data breach if they lose confidential client information. Secondly a loss of financial analytical data during an acquisition or disposal could have an impact on deal valuation, or even lead to deal breakdown. And thirdly a cyber breach at a portfolio company could have a very significant impact on its valuation, as illustrated by the recent Yahoo incident.

Verizon Slashes Yahoo Deal By $300 Million After Data Breaches


At Nicolson Bray we rigorously analyse and assess cyber security risk on behalf of our clients, and advise them before they make security improvement or portfolio investment decisions. In doing so we leverage top industry talent to ensure we give our clients the best possible advice on how to protect themselves against cyber security attack.

We offer a broad range of private equity cyber security consultancy services, from initial reviews to help you understand your key risks, to tailored consultancy for FCA regulated firms to ensure they meet UK regulatory requirements.

Focused on the UK Private Equity Industry

Because we focus on the UK private equity industry we understand the very specific cyber security risks and regulatory scrutiny your firm is exposed to. By being specialised we are uniquely placed to protect you from regulatory censure and the considerable reputational and financial damage of a cyber security breach.

In addition we also offer portfolio due diligence and portfolio cyber security risk management, enabling us to ensure protection for both your firm and the value of your firm's investments.

Why run unnecessary risk? If you would like to discuss how to protect your Firm or Asset from cyber security attack please give one of our specialists a call.

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