Financial Crime Trends

20 Dec 2019

Financial Crime Trends - 2019

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Let’s face it, financial crime is never going away.  Kaspersky’s report is a must read for anyone interested in the emerging trends of cyber crime within the financial services industry.

  • The emergence of new groups due to the fragmentation of Cobalt/Carbnal and Fin7.
  • Continuation of the supply-chain attacks: attacks on small companies that provide their services to financial institutions around the world.
  • The emergence of new local groups attacking financial institutions in the Indo-Pakistan region, South-East Asia and Central Europe. Until now, groups have focused mainly on the former Soviet space and Latin America.
  • Traditional cybercrime groups that have focused on PoS malware in the past will shift towards web skimmers, as collecting payment card data from web stores is much easier than creating and infecting victims with PoS malware.
  • Attacks on mobile banking for business users.
  • Advanced social engineering campaigns targeting operators, secretaries and other internal employees in charge of wires. Attackers will be using data from publicly leaked data breaches.
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