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Hedge Fund Cyber Security

Protect Your Firm from Cyber Security Attack

Hedge Funds are Attractive Targets

Cyber crime is growing at an unprecedented rate and no industry is immune to the epidemic. In the highly competitive hedge fund industry cyber security risk is particularly acute. As businesses with large amounts of confidential client data and extremely high value operational transactions, hedge funds make a very attractive target. Add to this an historically lightweight approach to IT Security and the probability of a successful attack increases dramatically.

Cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.

  • Ginni Rometty - President and CEO, IBM

The loss of confidential client information from a cyber security attack can cause substantial reputational damage to a hedge fund, leading to current and future fundraising issues. In addition the theft of proprietary trading strategies, algorithms and code has become more prevalent - in some cases perpetuated by financially motivated insiders or competitors - and can lead to significant losses.

A Tailored Approach to Cyber Security

Nicolson Bray provides best of breed cyber security consultancy services. Our consultants combine decades of cyber security knowledge and experience with an understanding of the latest innovations to ensure you stay one step ahead.

We offer a broad range of bespoke services, from initial reviews and key risk assessment, to strategy and training. And we are unique in providing Hedge Fund cyber security consultancy services tailored specifically for firms regulated by the FCA. Combined with our industry knowledge this enables us to fine tune your security investment, and importantly avoid overspends caused by meeting the requirements of more onerous regulators such as the SEC.

Don’t allow your firm to be exposed. All our consultants have extensive experience in hedge fund cyber security and will work with you to assess and resolve your cyber security issues – before they escalate to a serious cyber security breach.

Protect your firm

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