How up to date are Your Cyber Defenses?

  • Are you concerned about the cyber security risk that may lead to the loss of confidential client data?
  • Have recent cyber security attacks made you wonder how the reputation of your firm would be damaged if you suffered a breach?
  • Have you recently suffered a cyber security attack and want to know what you can do to stop it happening again?

Nicolson Bray can help you answer all these questions with our comprehensive Cyber Security Review service.

Business Focused Cyber Security

Our focus on Alternative Asset Management, Hedge Fund security and Private Equity security means that we tailor our reviews to the specific cyber security risks and challenges which the industry faces.  Going one step further we get to know your business, your data and your processes in order to target precise and distinct areas of cyber security risk.

Cloud Cyber Security

We understand that our clients rely heavily on Cloud and outsourced IT providers.  We build this into every review we carry out.

Regulation, regulation, regulation

UK based firms do not face the rigorous regulation of the SEC and FINRA.  We take this on board, enabling you to focus your cyber security risk management spending on what is appropriate for FCA regulated firms.  The net result of this is well managed Cyber risk at a reduced cost.


Your inbox has probably been bombarded with details of just how much you can be fined under GDPR.  We provide pragmatic solutions to meeting GDPR requirements.

360 Degree Cyber Security Review

Our proprietary Cyber Security Review platform is based upon decades of experience working across financial services and Alternative Asset Management.  It encompasses your Cyber governance and policy, as well as thorough technical analysis of your IT estate, people and processes.

If these questions sound all too familiar then Nicolson Bray can help you by carrying out an end to end Cyber Security Review of your organisation.

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Cyber Loss Review

The Cyber Security Review starts with an in depth analysis of the potential data losses your organization could face from a cyber security breach. For instance could it be a loss of market value due to a data breach? Or could it be a multi million pound fine due to lack of compliance with GDPR?

IT Systems Review

Once these potential losses have been fully understood, our consultants will carry out a targeted review of your IT systems to determine exactly where the weaknesses lie in your cyber security defences that could lead to these types of loss.

Clear Concise Reporting

Finally our consultant will work with your IT team – whether they be in house or part of a managed service – to determine the best route to fixing these issues. This will include a detailed plan with clear priorities and targets.