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Cyber Security Risk Assessment


What is a Cyber Security review?

Reviews begin with a high-level analysis of your business and business processes, allowing us to understand the information you hold, where it is stored, and the impact to your business of a data breach. We leverage our experience of working with organisations in your sector to ensure this is carried out both effectively and efficiently.

Our cyber security risk consultant then drills down to the technical level to ensure that the correct processes are in place and that they are effective across your network, application, server and cloud estate. For instance, we check that the correct processes are in place to patch your servers against new and emerging security attacks, and back this up with a detailed technical test on the server. At this level we are extremely thorough, seeking out weaknesses in your cyber security defence on both your internal and external networks, as well as in the cloud.

Once a cyber security review is complete, we use our knowledge of your business to rigorously prioritise remediation activity. This will be based on what is practical and effective and what will reduce your cyber risk whilst working within your budget and time frames. Unlike other consultancies we won't leave you with an exhausting list of hundreds of technical issues; instead, we present you with a focused set of recommendations based on the specific cyber security risks faced by your organisation.