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Cyber Security Comprehensive Review

Assessing Your Organisation from the Inside Out

In-depth cyber security review

With cyber threat evolving relentlessly, it’s essential that businesses understand their cyber risk exposure. Our Comprehensive Cyber Security Review is designed to root out cyber issues and ensure that cyber security is resilient and robust. This review facilitates the development of coherent cyber security policies for your organisation - protecting brand, reputation and insuring your business against the heavy financial loss associated with a cyber security breach.

Using a combination of business risk assessment and structured control testing, our consultants explore your entire network, verifying that the correct security and technical controls are in place to prevent, detect and respond to a cyber-attack. Going beyond technology, we then assess your organisational structure and resourcing model to determine if it is fit for purpose as well as reviewing your high-level processes.

Cyber Risk Mitigation

Once we have assessed and rigorously tested your security controls, we translate our findings into a business risk profile that is easy for the Board to understand and tailored to your business and its areas of vulnerability. Together with these findings we present clear, implementable recommendations and a tailored roadmap for cyber risk mitigation.

Is this service right for you?

• You want to get a thorough understanding of cyber business risk in your firm or portfolio company
• You want a detailed plan for cyber policies/strategy over the next two years
• You want to target cyber investment to where it is most effective in reducing risk
• You want to help the Board make informed cyber risk management decisions
• You are interested in potential value creation strategies through robust cyber security

Litmus Test vs Comprehensive Review

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