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Cyber Security Risk

End to end risk management solutions

Cyber risk

Cybersecurity threats are prolific, persistent and constantly evolving. The ever-increasing number of cyber attacks on banking systems, critical infrastructure, online commerce and technology providers worldwide, makes it clear to all that the likelihood of suffering a breach is now very high - and that the cost of a data breach has huge financial and reputational consequences.

“Cyber crime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

  • Ginni Rometty - President and CEO, IBM

Many organisations have experienced ransomware attacks, malware outbreaks or the loss of confidential information, but now the incident has been dealt with are unsure what to do next. Some may suspect they have had a data breach but cannot be sure. Forward-thinking companies are now routinely checking their cybersecurity posture as a preventative measure against cybersecurity threats.

Cyber Security Risk Management

It simply makes good business sense to review your cyber security and have a knowledgeable cybersecurity risk consultant on hand to carry out an impartial comprehensive cybersecurity risk analysis. Our detailed assessments go well beyond a simple penetration test and will determine how ready your firm is to defend against, identify and manage the outcome of Cyber Security attacks. Most importantly we tailor the review to your needs and will recommend prioritised steps that you can take to improve the Cyber Security readiness of your business.

Cyber Security Threat Intelligence

Nicolson Bray consultants have built up years of experience helping organisations like yours meet the challenges of the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat. We are aware of the different threats levelled towards specific industries and use this knowledge to dig deeper - tailoring all our services specifically to meet the particular cybersecurity risks your business is facing. This level of knowledge and the depth of understanding is what ensures our cybersecurity risk evaluations are so valuable to you.